• I just want something small-whats your minimum charge?The minimum charge is 150 dollars.This ensures that you receive quality pigments and equipment in a sterile setup and hygenic environment.
  • How much is your hourly rate? If the tattoo is to be completed in one session,the piece will be charged at $150 an hour and the design will be drawn based on your budget.For larger pieces,to be completed over multiple sessions I usually charge half or full day sessions(dependent on pain tolerance).If you want to do smaller sessions for large,ongoing pieces,this can be discussed at your consultation and will be charged at $150 an hour.I mostly draw directly onto the skin and rarely use stencils.
  • I'm keen to talk to you-how do I get in touch?The best way is to send an email to info@monk3ys.co.nz or call me on 0210775757 to organise a free consultation.At this appointment I will discuss your ideas in detail and I encourage you to bring along any pictures or reference material you may have.This will be a good time to discuss your budget,especially for larger,ongoing work as this will effect how far the appointments are spaced apart.I will provide a quote and a time-frame and at this point I will take a deposit of 150 dollars to secure your appointment.The deposit is nonrefundable and will be taken off the final session.
  • I need to change my appointment?That's okay but please do not make appointments that you are unsure of keeping.Changing an appointment requires 48 hours notice.Failure to notify the studio in this 48 hour time-frame will result in the loss of your deposit.If you postpone your appointment twice,you will lose your deposit.I understand that life is busy and sometimes unpredictable but please understand this is not my hobby,but how I make my living and a few last minute cancellations can really have a major impact on my working week.Also please keep your day free of other appointments as sessions can sometimes go longer than expected-there will always be full attention placed on getting the best result for your tattoo and there will be no RUSHING to finish a tattoo because  other plans have been made on the same day. 
  • Do you use color?No-I work with just black ink as this is the style in which I focus all my work.
  • What should I do before my tattoo?Just be fresh,well rested and fed.You will find it easier to relax the more energy you have.This makes it a better experience for you and myself!Please note for hygiene reasons food is not allowed to be eaten inside the studio.Of course breaks can be taken when needed to eat:)!
  • What about after I get my tattoo?Please ensure your hands are clean before you touch your tattoo-it is an open wound and must be treated accordingly.Remove the dressing after 2 hours,wash your hands and then gently wash your new tattoo with non-abrasive soap and warm water in the palm of your hands.DO NOT recover the tattoo-let it breathe.Use aftercare cream 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks,washing your hands with soap and water before each application.Use sparingly-the tattoo should be shiny ,as if it has been moisturised.If there is a thick layer visible,you have used too much.This will have a detrimental effect on the quality of the tattoo so remove excess cream with a clean paper towel.Please do not pick or scratch your healing tattoo.It will itch as it heals but scratching will damage your tattoo.Be mindful of where your tattoo is on your body and avoid knocking it against sharp objects and/or damaging it when removing/putting on clothing. Please do not get your new tattoo sunburnt.The sun can damage your tattoo-especially when healing ,so make sure you cover it with clothing during the healing period.Please do not soak your tattoo in water whilst its healing.Showering is fine but avoid baths,pools,spa,ocean and saunas during the healing period.
  • Anything else?For any specific inquiries regarding anything not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact me! Thanks for taking the time  to read this!